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About US:

C.I. Confecciones Calar S.A. Startup operations in 1991 as a small company accredited in the middle of the apparel ; for this time the company provided the service of outsourcing , on several lines , and in 2001 the company began the research project to the market an innovative product and untapped . Thus, in 2004 through an investment in property , plant and equipment the company began to develop its brand MOLDEATE , which was aimed at giving women and men post- surgical girdles, daily use, latex and maternal .

Currently C.I. Confecciones Calar S.A. It is offering 5 product lines, which have a broad portfolio to market garments both national ownership and international business in the full package, and its own brand MOLDEATE.



C.I. Confecciones Calar S.A. It is a company which produces and sells Shapewear, both women and men, medium-high and high target market, within national and international markets.

C.I. Confecciones Calar S.A. seeks to develop and grow their business unit’s full package and brand MOLDEATE; from the base of a platform for quality, strength, innovation, service; and integrated production capacity by an excellent human highly qualified team, which ensure our customers total satisfaction of their needs.



To be recognized by our brand MOLDEATE 2017, as one of the most recognized for quality, innovation, and product variety, both domestically and internationally levels.


C.I. Confecciones Calar S.A. VALUES.

  • Responsibility to our customerss
  • High human contact - Proximity
  • Constant technological innovation and knowledge regarding Product
  • Path
  • Social Responsibility (with the environment and employees)
  • Organization
  • Strength
  • Long-Term Projection
  • Family
  • Seriousness
  • Righteousness
  • Good practices
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Objectivity
  • Teamwork